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Dedicated Internet Marketing Consultant



Need someone to explain exactly how you can get more conversions?carrie-ann

Would you prefer to work with someone who has passion and extensive marketing knowledge?

Using knowledge combined with logic, I keep my clients in the loop and ahead in their field!

” Carrie-ann cares about your business and tells you how it is!” – Philip Wade, Finance Director


Straightforward Digital Marketing that Keeps You in Control!

what i doA straightforward solution to your Internet marketing needs, with no hassle sales or false promises.

I can either show you how to market your site or do it for you! You will notice from the first time you contact me i’m eager to pass on my extensive knowledge and help you gain a better understanding of what your site needs.

I help businesses sustain themselves by finding out who your customers are and making sure you’re in front of them! All my clients receive in depth information enabling them to tap into my knowledge and if desired, run their digital marketing themselves.

Please note I do not participate in ‘quick’ ‘spammy’ strategies that give you instant success only to get you penalized in the future, if you want to succeed online you have to do it the right way!

Whether considering starting a website, or you are already set up and have been stung by false promises, drop me an email and I will put you on the right track.

how i work I’m not an online marketing company that ties you into contracts and sells pipe dreams

I understand that cash flow has to pay for marketing. I’m an independent online marketing consultant that has built my business on reputation. I treat every website as an individual site, you need your own marketing campaign that is unique and flexible.

I don’t promise to get you to the top of Google and let you fail when Google decides you shouldn’t be there anymore!

why me I’m highly skilled in all areas of Internet marketing.I enjoy what i do and dedicate lots of time to keeping myself fully trained.I offer concise and accurate advice.If i don’t feel enthusiastic about your product/service i will be honest.

I don’t offer ‘false promise’ sales talk. I focus on traffic that will gain you long term success.

Read about me as an individual and highly skilled internet marketing consultant.

Looking forward to working with you!



A few comments from people i have worked with.

Please note identities have been removed, i believe a dedicated service requires complete dedication and confidentiality.

“You’ve made a real difference to our company, we look forward to working with you in 2014″

“Thanks for all your support and hard work. Your dedication makes you stand out from the other internet marketing consultants”

“Thanks for taking a look at our site, i have paused all SEO as i believe we were making some grave mistakes, i plan to read through your notes again to digest. I hope you will be able to offer some hands on help going forward. I will be in touch shortly”

“Hi Carrie-ann, thanks for all that you have done, we both appreciate your honesty and look forward to working with you throughout 2014″


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