Facebook comes under ‘social marketing’. As always, i’m keen to offer a full and frank account of what’s involved, you will find my simple guide below.

Why you should implement Facebook marketing

Facebook is a great leveller. Small businesses can compete on an equal footing with large companies.  Use it to bring in leads and opportunities and build up relationships. But using Facebook as a business rather than as a person presents different challenges.

Many of the larger companies don’t ‘get it’. As a small business you have an advantage – it should be easier for you to be informal and conversational. But it’s unwise just to ‘jump in’. You need a strategy in place that takes account of what you’ll be using Facebook for and the tone of your Facebook page. After all, businesses don’t speak, people do. Being ‘real’ and ‘authentic’ and being a regular contributor will get you a long way.

Does Facebook offer business accounts?

You don’t need a personal account to have a business account on Facebook. Although if you do have a personal account Facebook will suggest you invite your friends. Business users can then take advantage of plug-ins and apps which are tools to work smarter.

Do I have to use Facebook’s paid advertising?

Using their advertising isn’t essential. You can drive people to your Facebook page by integrating it with your website (and send traffic the other way too) and using other tools But don’t dismiss Facebook’s advertising platform either as it has some unique features.

What are a few Facebook marketing tips?

The new design of Facebook pages is very visual. Most companies neglect to use photos – don’t be one of them.

If you’re looking at using other Social Marketing tools look out for tools that let you integrate all your social marketing. This cuts down duplication of effort.

Engaging with fans is really important. Try to build a few ‘Facebook minutes’ into your day every day.

What does a basic Facebook marketing plan look like?

Once you’re happy with how your page looks like, your biggest task is to invite people to your page. This is obviously on-going but don’t start with 3 fans!  Once you are up and running you can use tools to schedule content and status updates.

The thing that will keep people coming back to your page is activity. If you can’t make it fun, make it insightful. You don’t have to be on topic 100% of the time.

What’s the difference between a Facebook page and a Facebook profile?

A Facebook page is for business while a profile is for personal use. A profile page will always have the friend option whereas a page can be ‘liked’. You can create as many pages as you like but only 1 profile.

What makes Facebook different from other marketing channels?

The people who ‘like’ your page are volunteering you their full attention.  You have a channel all to yourself.  Compare that to traditional advertising where other things are vying for people’s attention.  Also consider that social media like Facebook allow you to have a conversation with your customers and prospects which one way broadcast media doesn’t.

Can I switch between my personal profile and my page?

Yes. To make the switch, go to “Account” in the top right hand corner and click on “Use Facebook as Page”. In the pop up window, click “Switch to”.

Can I see who is looking at my Facebook page?

Facebook usefully offers in-depth user data about your page, called Insights. Find them going to your Facebook page, click “Insights” on the Admin Panel and then “See All”.

You can  view the sex, age and location of who is looking at your page, as well as which types of status updates are the most popular.

How do you get a customised URL on Facebook?
Pages on Facebook are usually assigned numerical urls – that’s the name that follows facebook.com/.  Think of it like a file name. Once 25 people like your Facebook page you’re eligible for a custom ‘url’ or as they are also known, ‘vanity’ url.

You can find this edit in the Basic Information section of your business profile. This allows you to create an easy to remember Facebook URL such as Facebook.com/your businessname.

Should you get someone to help you?

Facebook marketing is just one component of Internet Marketing.  By outsourcing your marketing, it leaves you free to get on with what you do best…running your business.

Contact me for an informal chat about your marketing campaign.

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