“52 pages of pure genius!  Carrie you have made a big difference to the way we see our business going forward, Thank you”

“Notes received with thanks.  Much more than we expected.  I have only skimmed through but already i can see things that our marketing provider of 5 years has missed…we will be in touch soon.”

I answer two vital questions:

  • Who are your customers?
  • How do you get these customers?

After receiving my consultancy package, clients know what their site needs and how to do it.  The feedback i receive has been outstanding.

Are you a sole trader or small business? – This will save you a fortune.  The knowledge I will give you will stop you making any marketing mistakes and give you in-depth advice.

Corporate company needing direction? – Use my one day consultancy package as a stepping stone in the right direction.  Let me show you the right way to run a cost effective marketing campaign.

I don’t need you to be available on the day, i will email you all the material as soon as i’m finished.

What does the consultancy package include?

Who are your customers

I tap into your customers personae and report back to you how your visitors look for your services/products

I research competitor keywords and report back which keywords you need to focus on.  Many website owners come to me wondering why a year after launching they make no sales! They used the wrong keywords!

This will provide you with the keyword knowledge you need to be able to target you customers online both via pay per click and SEO.

How to get more customers

Full break down of all the online marketing strategies you can use to get more customers. I will provide an easy to follow guide that tells you how to get more customers via:

  • SEO – Search Engine Optimisation
  • Adwords – Pay per click
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Email campaigns
  • LinkedIn and other social networking

Website review

  • From a marketing point of view
  • From a customer point of view


I tell you who your customers are and what you need to do to reach these customers.

No sales talk, No Jargon I give you a clear understanding of what your site needs.

To book me to do this for you or ask me a question please use the contact form on the right

How to book me

  1. Email me to check my availability
  2. I will reply with my next available date
  3. We have a quick chat on the phone or via email so you can brief me on your business
  4. I email you all my notes, information and guidance


Q: How will you send me the information and advice?

A: By email in PDF format (other formats available)

Q: What if i want more help from you

A: I don’t like sales people hassling me so i won’t do it to my clients.  I enjoy a long term relationship with many of my clients and i am happy to provide further consultancy or hands on online marketing should you need it.

 Still unsure?

Have a good read through my site and feel free to question the life out of me.