Internet Marketing is very broad and can seem very confusing. I am here to make it simpler.

I research who your potential customers/site visitors are and make sure you’re in front of them.

Internet marketing can include any of the following:

  • SEO – Search Engine Optimisation
  • Pay Per Click
  • Blogging
  • Email Marketing
  • Banner Advertising
  • Social Media Marketing

How I Work

  • I use your budget to work out how many hours to commit to marketing your site each month
  • I only do 30 days at a time (this is so you can use cash flow to pay for your marketing)
  • I don’t use false traffic tools, i get you real visitors that want to visit your site
  • I offer a transparent service that clearly shows growth in a clear and understandable manner

Frequently asked questions

Q: Will i get to the top of Google quick?

A: The only way to get to the top of Google quickly is to use Google pay per click.

Most companies don’t tell you this, read more about it here.. How to get to the top of Google

I will discuss with you the type of marketing you want, whether it’s getting to the top quickly with pay per click or long term gradual growth with natural search engine ranking.  I am very clear about the different results.  I will always advise you don’t base your Internet marketing campaign primarily around being the top of Google.  2012 has already seen big name sites dramatically lose rankings due to Google algorithm changes, as the old saying goes…never place all your eggs in one basket!

Q: Can i just take out your service for 1 month?

A: Definitely you are under no obligation to continue past 30 days.

Q: What types of Internet Marketing strategies will you use?

A: Ideally you should be using all types of Internet Marketing but i understand this isn’t always possible.  I will work out how many hours I can put in according to your budget and draw up a plan of where my time is best spent.  Most of my clients start with one type and are able to increase my hours each month when their sales increase, I understand that cash flow is vital.

Need to know more before contacting me?

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