SEO Expert – Search Engine Optimisation

Confused by SEO? Wondering why the prices for search engine optimisation companies vary so much?

My advice is to pause…. take a step back and get some knowledge before you commit to anything.If someone is offering SEO for £49, once you understand what SEO is about you will realise you might as well keep your £49.

SEO Facts

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It is a series of regular tasks performed to help Google recognise your site for specific keyphrases. I personally prefer to call it Search Engine Marketing because since 2012 it’s much more than just optimising the pages of your website.

You will not be short of search engine optimisation companies promising you the earth, be very wary of such companies, nobody can ever promise you first page organic rankings, if they do they are either just sales people with little SEO knowledge or they want a quick sale from you and have no interest in the long term future of your website.


Nobody can guarantee to get you on the first page of google unless they are using Pay Per Click. (pay per click are the sponsored google ads, the very top and the right hand column) Not a lot of companies will point this out so be careful about companies that promise you first page listings for ridiculously low prices, it might be google ads rather than SEO or just plain silly SEO tactics that will get your site penalised in a few months.

Here is what google has to say about it:


What Does Search Engine Marketing Involve?

Search Engine Marketing is much more than filling your page full of the term ‘fridge freezer’ in the hope Google will show grace and rank you high for ‘fridge freezer’!  Google are much more smart than that and each month their spam team headed by Google’s own Matt Cutt’s get’s smarter.

This is where we come in, we don’t try and dodge the Google algorithms or use backlinks to give you momentary success to only get your site into oblivion…we agree with Google and we grow our knowledge along side their goals.

Currently Google take into account more than 250 ranking factors when deciding where your site  should rank, the diagram below gives you a brief overview.


The simple truth is that if you are looking for someone to manipulate the search engines and get you to the top of Google fast, i’m not the right person for you! 

I have a great deal of experience knowing how to market websites, and there exists a right and a wrong way of doing it.  You can quite easily spam the search engines and get to the google top spots but you will be left heartbroken in months to come when Google has flagged you.

Good ethical SEO takes time, but worth it if done properly.