Comprehensive Marketing Audits

The Marketing Audit is the starting point for establishing a robust strategy that will deliver more sales and enhance your online reputation depending on the package you wish to adopt the audit will:

  • Analyse your value proposition and USPs
  • Analyse your competition and differentiators
  • Analyse your website, landing pages and calls-to-action
  • Analyse your existing marketing activity and tactics online
  • Analyse your customer engagement & reputation online
  • Analyse to tools you are currently utilising to market your business efficiently
  • Analyse how and what you are currently measuring and the metrics you have started to build

Understand your current sales levels per sales channel and discuss your objectives moving forward

Analyse how your internal sales processes dovetail with your marketing activity for maximum conversion

Off the back of “The Marketing Review” I will produce a report detailing my recommendations

This report ultimately belongs to you and it will be your choice to either take it away and implement yourself or I can of course work with you to implement the recommendations sensibly over time


Getting this right is essential and 90% of all strategies will unfortunately fail due to poor implementation

I will co-ordinate and work with your business to ensure your marketing and business activity remains joined up and we are seeing the desired results

I am on hand to ensure the elements of  the plan that you choose are delivered properly and in line with your desired objectives

On a month to month basis I will report back to your team on performance and improvement detailing return on investment through each stage of the sales processes that I implement

Pop me a message I’d love to hear from you