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Search Engine Marketing is much more than filling your page full of the term ‘fridge freezer’ in the hope Google will show grace and rank you high for ‘fridge freezer’! Google are much smarter than that and each month their spam team get’s smarter.

This is where I come in, I don’t try and dodge the Google algorithms or use backlinks to give you momentary success to only get your site into oblivion…I agree with Google and I grow my knowledge along side their goals.

Currently Google take into account more than 250 ranking factors when deciding where your site should rank. This diagram gives you a brief overview.

The truth is, if you’re looking for someome to rank you overnight for keywords that don’t bring custumers but make you look good…i’m not the right person for you!  I build campaigns that bring you paying customers and please Google at the same time.

SEO What’s Involved?

Key phrase Research
Page assignment for key phrases – which landing pages should be used
Head Section Order
Title Tag
Description Tag
Heading Tags
Webmaster Tools Monitoring
Check Crawl Errors
Review Mobile Usability Issues
Check for Manual Penalties
Analyse Site Traffic Against Known Google Algorithm Updates.
Review Visitor Engagement

Overall Word Count
Alt Attributes with Keywords
Make JavaScript/CSS External
Site Map Check
Navigation Review
Robots.txt File Review
Google Analytics Review
Linking Strategy/Content Marketing
Server Configuration
Static Pages
Ensure No SPAM Tactics
Check for Duplicate Content
Improve Site Speed and Performance

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