Initially self-taught, though that was a long time ago, I understand the frustrations of small businesses trying to carve their own path online. How can your business profit from its online presence? How can your business take advantage of social media? Where can you find the most profitable traffic? These are just some of the questions answered.

I work in a different way to other digital marketing consultants. You’ll find I am as interested in your success as you are. Prospective clients have the option of trying our services for a month at a time with no tie in or contacts. You’ll find I am honest and straight talking and there’s no jargon or pushy sales talk.

I have to love your project just as much as you!

I do everything manually,  Meaning your customers feel the real you – no short cuts!

My starting point is your budget. I will be open and honest about what can be achieved per month. There are no contracts. I only commit to 30 days a time. This allows you to pay for your marketing inline with your cash flow. Cash flow is the key thing here, because that’s the focus of a small business.

I don’t use traffic tools or other shortcuts likely to get you on the wrong side of Google. I believe in authentic marketing designed to help you achieve your goals. These will vary depending on what your focus is. Clients have come to me from agencies who over-sell, and promise what can’t be achieved or try to pull the wool over their eyes. Sadly many small businesses trying to find their feet online can get taken in. On the other hand I am a big believer in client education for those new to online marketing. It’s your best defence against unscrupulous operators.

I am UK based and have long-standing clients. Whether you use me for one project or on an on-going basis my focus is your success.